Welcome to Mezzo Piano Lessons

Our aim at Mezzo Piano Lessons is to create a fun and friendly environment in which learning to play piano becomes an easy and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Lessons are held at the convenience of your home or at Mezzo Piano Lessons studio in Annandale (inner west Sydney) and are taught by young enthusiastic and talented teachers. Our studio in Annandale is in a convenient location close to bus stop and light rail station with plenty of parking space.

In Mezzo Piano Lessons it is believed that everyone is able to play piano easily and enjoy the beautiful journey of learning this amazing instrument. Students of all ages are welcome to Mezzo Piano Lessons from beginners, kids and adults to advanced students and quitters. All piano tuitions are on a one to one basis and lessons consist of practicing variety of styles and genres such as Classical, jazz, blues and pop, developing and improving technical skills, sight reading, essential music theory and harmony, understanding of chords, chord progression and intervals. These are achieved by tailoring proven methods.

At Mezzo Piano Lessons we use the most practical and popular piano teaching methods. We also makes sure that these teaching methods are adapted to suit you or your child based on your individual needs, ambitions and potentials.

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