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Mozart-part three

1777 TRIP WITH HIS MOTHER In 1777 after resigning from his job and because his father had to stay in Salzburg for his job commitments to Prince- Archbishop Colloredo Mozart who was 21 along with his mother travelled to Augsburg, Mannheim, Munich and Paris for another job hunting trip. At this stage Mozart was a confident,...

Mozart – part two

 TRAVELLING TO ITALY When Mozart was 14 his father took him to Italy for the first time. Leopold was conscious of the fact that opera houses in Italy were the most world renowned at that time. Leopold had a clear vision of his genius...

Mozart Part One

Mozart was one of the most influential and popular composers of classical period. He was a prodigy who showed his ability from his early childhood. With its infinite variety his music has enriched the lives of listeners and performers and has profoundly influenced the subsequent western music. BACKGROUND Mozart was the last of seven children. He was...

Common Practice Period

What is referred to as “Western Classical Music” today is the music from the Common Practice Era. In the European music history Common Practice Era spans roughly for three centuries from 1600 to 1910 and includes three major style periods or genres: Baroque (1600-1750), Classical (1750-1830) and Romantic (1815-1910) periods. Common practice period is based...

Brief Story of Piano

Piano was invented by a maker of musical instruments, Bartolomeo Cristofori, in Italy in the beginning of 18th century. In other words he evolved piano from Harpsichord.

Prior to the invention of the piano, Clavichord and Harpsichord were the primary keyboard instruments date back respectively to 14th and 15th century. Clavichord is one of...