• Farnaz is the founder of Mezzo Piano Lessons. She is an experienced, reliable, passionate and caring piano teacher who is living her dream of being a teacher. She believes that teaching is the best job. Farnaz has a very clear and structured approach in teaching her students which is tailored based on each students ability and goal. This methodology enables her to consistently improve students skill and monitor their progress.
  • Her music style: Classical music but can help students explore all of the other musical genres including jazz, pop etc
  • Her focus and skill: technical work, sightreading, music theory and knowledge of harmony shape most of Farnaz’s lessons.
  • Her expertise: analysing technical difficulties and finding solutions through various technical exercises- helping students to thoroughly improve their sightreading skills- preparing students for examinations- helping students to be disciplined in practicing and at the same time have fun and enjoy it.
  • Her goal: to make it easy, fun and possible for everyone of all ages and musical backgrounds to experience the beautiful journey of learning and playing piano.
  • Her experience: Farnaz has started playing piano since she was 6 years old and is teaching for more than 10 years.
  • Her students age group: she teaches students from kids to adults who have the love for music.
  • Farnaz arranges students recitals couple of times a year to boost students confidence and to let them experience the joy of playing for others and learn from it.

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