In addition to the fun and the enjoyment that music brings in everyone’s life, playing piano has countless advantages for adults such as stimulating the mind, improving coordination, relieving stress, enhancing memory, decreasing depression and anxiety, allowing to express emotions and developing creativity, just to count a few.  Below are some reasons why an adult can learn how to play piano from basics.

  • Adults are goal oriented. They seek result, therefore they work harder.
  • Adults have greater focus
  • Adults have greater determination
  • Adults have more developed critical thinking skills, therefore they will have a better understanding of music harmony and theory
  • Adults have more developed attention span, thus they can concentrate and practice for longer

In Mezzo Piano Lessons the most practical methods, designed specifically for adult beginners, are used with the emphasis on sight reading and understanding of chords. Alongside with regular lessons Farnaz gives the students the freedom to choose their favourite pieces. In Mezzo Piano Lessons it is believed that everyone is able to learn piano, regardless of age. Enthusiasm and practice are the only factors required for beginning piano tuition for matures.  So, if you are thinking that you are too old to begin learning piano as a senior, think again.

To watch some of the Mezzo Piano Lessons adult students’ performances and their testimonials please click on the image below.