Ameb piano exam mezzo piano lessons

At Mezzopianolessons students who are keen to do the exams are prepared for AMEB exams.

AMEB exams are beneficial for goal oriented students. It gives them a deadline and sets of requirements in order to pass. At Mezzopianolessons students go through all of the requirements with their teacher to pass the grade and get a good mark.



At Mezzopianolessons we prepare students who are keen and committed to sit AMEB exams. Beginners need at least 1-2 years of regular piano lesson and study before sitting preliminary exams.


– AMEB qualifications are recognised across Australia and internationally

– Preparing for the exams sets a clear goal for goal oriented students

– It gives them a clear understanding of the requirements to pass each grade

-Sense of achievement and pride which is felt after passing a grade will build up students confidence dramatically

– Students require to be prepared to demonstrate all of the pieces, sets of scales, theory and general knowledge.

– Students learn to manage their time productively and effectively, supervised and unsupervised.

– Students prepare various pieces in different genres and styles for their specific grade

Pianoforte vs. Piano for Leisure

At Mezzopianolessons student are prepared for two types of piano exams, Pianoforte and Piano for Leisure.

The most important point about these two exams is that the difficulty of the pieces and technical works are the same in the similar grades, however there are differences in their structures, some of which are mentioned below.

The main difference is that in Pianoforte students should prepare more pieces and more scales. Both aural and sightreading skills are examined in pianoforte, whereas you can choose only one of them for the Piano for Leisure. In Pianoforte the repertoire is purely classical and Piano for Leisure includes a wider range of genres such as Jazz music and film music.