We all have heard of countless benefits of playing piano for kids. Beyond the joy and the happiness that music brings in life, the followings are five of the long term attributes that children gain through learning to play piano.

  •  Increase in listening skill
  • Increase in concentrating and focusing. Piano lesson helps children to stay focused, set specific goals, work towards those goals and achieve them.
  • Increase in memorisation skills
  • Develop creative ability
  • Develop courage and self esteem
  •  And many more!

 In Mezzo Piano Lessons Farnaz relates to each student based on their personality and communicates with each student as an individual with positive reinforcement. With adjusting her teaching method to different age groups, choosing and combining different materials Farnaz makes sure that each student will learn to read and play written music proficiently. Based on her experience Farnaz believes that rewarding kids gives them an extra motivation to practice. With setting up a rewarding system Farnaz creates sets of short term goals and keeps the kids motivated to practice and make effort towards those goals. In Mezzo Piano Lessons it has been tried to create a comfortable and fun environment to make the process of learning easy and enjoyable for the kids and pupils.

There is always this question regarding the best age for a kid to start learning to play piano. In Mezzo Piano Lessons it is believed that there is no specific age defined for starting learning to play piano. Recognising the numbers 1-5 and the alphabet A-G and being able to sit for 15-20 minutes are the requirements of starting meaningful lessons. However each child is different and there is no rule on when to start having piano lessons.

In Mezzo Piano Lessons the lessons are usually 30 minutes for the kids younger than 8 years old and 60 minutes for 8 years old and above.

To watch some of the Mezzo Piano Lessons kid students’ performances and both parents and their testimonials please click on the image below.