If you have given up piano lessons before for any reason and you secretly desire to restart learning piano you are in the right place. Failing to continue learning piano as a kid does not mean that you are not able to start picking piano again. Many factors play role in leading a kid to quit playing piano which are not related to the ability of playing an instrument. Some of these factors are as follows;

  • Kids have less developed attention spans, practicing piano quickly becomes boring for them and as a result they decide to quit. As an adult you can concentrate for much longer, therefor you can practice more.
  • Kids do not like their teacher because the teacher is not able to build the right relationship with the student.
  • Piano is out of tune, as a result it is not enjoyable to play and practice.
  • Kids have less determination. They prefer to play in playground rather than practicing piano inside. As an adult you are more goal oriented, you seek result and your work harder to gain the result.
  • As a kid you have less critical thinking. This makes the understanding of music theory more complicated for a kid. However an adult have a better understanding of complex subjects.
  • An adult’s fingers have been grown up fully. It is easier for a grown up to stretch the fingers and cover big intervals. However kids usually have difficulty to play big intervals.

Many kids quit playing piano simply because of any of the above reasons. Once you resume piano lessons you quickly recall the previous lessons you took. In Mezzo Piano Lessons it is believed that many factors which result in giving up playing piano in childhood are not effective in adulthood anymore. In Mezzo Piano lessons it is tried to explore your musical taste and to give the freedom to choose your favourite pieces based on your level of proficiency. When you are self-motivated things improve much faster, thus if you have the desire and enthusiasm to restart piano lessons do not think twice.

To watch some of the Mezzo Piano Lessons quitters’ performances and their testimonials please click on the image below.