Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm|Dance 1 Structure

-148 (NO. 1) This dance starts with full energy. Interesting group division of 4+2+3/8 creates strong dividing movement in the bar. This dance is a reflective one among the rest. The sections with slower tempo gives a chance for a deep consideration and thought. This piece also has a clearer tempo changes in comparison with the rest of the dances.

The structure could be divided into three parts of A- A’-A” + Coda.

Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm-A

A is the introduction of the melody. It is gentle but powerful and energetic and full of life.

Dances 2 Mezzo Piano Lessons

A’ is the first variation with a slower reflection of the main folk theme which develops gradually to the next calm variation after an energetic transition. The tempo of this section is marked Meno Vivo

Dances-A3 Mezzo Piano Lessons

A” is the second variation which returns to a calm and gentle but forceful character which leads to a decisive strength in the closing of the dance. This second variation is marked Calmo

CODA Mezzo Piano Lessons

Coda- Although the decisive and loud nature of this coda is in total contrast with the previous variations but it creates a nice balance directing the listener towards the second dance.