Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm|Dance 2 Structure

Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm- Structure

  • 149 (NO. 2) The second dance has a bright mood and is grouped into 2+2+3. This presents three rhythmic schemes through the dance; Ostinato (QR QR QRR), part A motif (Q Q Q E), part B motif (QRRR QRR). The mode is C Phrygian/ Lydian 12 tone polymode. The dance starts with its rhythmic ostinato which is repeated through the piece in various pitch collection and is followed by a syncopated melody. Right and left hand repeat the same note one after the other with the left hand’s chords accenting.

The structure of this dance includes the three parts of introduction- interlude- postlude (coda)


A’s thematic construction is an anthipony between right hand and left hand based on a C pentatonic scale which is transposed temporarily to the F pentatonic scale only for two bars before returning to the tonic in part B


B is a polymodal pitch collection of a unisonal theme ( bar 16-21) which concludes with major and octatonic tetrachords ( whole step – whole step- half step vs half step-whole step- half step)


Following interlude leads to the return of part Av ( bar 21-30) and another interlude with an ostinato through an F#.


Part Bv2 includes alternating major and octatonic tetrachords in the RH and triads in the LH (bar 44-49).

The coda is repeat of the introductory ostinato.