Mozart-part three


In 1777 after resigning from his job and because his father had to stay in Salzburg for his job commitments to Prince- Archbishop Colloredo Mozart who was 21 along with his mother travelled to Augsburg, Mannheim, Munich and Paris for another job hunting trip. At this stage Mozart was a confident, ambitious young man who was trying to chase his dreams and to find more gainful employment.

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On the way to Augsburg, Mozarts stayed for three weeks in Munich. There the Elector declined to offer him a post saying that it was still early for Mozart.  In Augsburg twenty two year old Mozart was distracted by his cousin Maria Anna Thekla, nicknamed ‘ the Basle’ ( little cousin) from his main focus of finding a more secured position. During his stay in Augsburg they developed a close and intimate relationship. Although in Mannheim at first there were prospects of several employment positions, they eventually stayed out of reach. In Mannheim he became friend with the Mannheim musicians and gave some concerts and earned some income, but never achieved his main goal.

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With a permanent employment out of sight Anna Maria Mozart, his mother, left Mozart and went back to Salzburg. In Mannheim Mozart met a musical family, Webers and soon fell in love with their second of four daughters and his future wife’s sister, Aloysia Weber, a soprano singer. After Mozart decided to plan a trip with Webers to Italy, his father expressed his disappointment to Mozart through a letter and asked him to go to Paris instead and make some money and meet with important people. Anna Marian was sent back by Leopold to accompany his son in this trip.mozart3-3|Mezzo Piano lessons