Mozart – part two


When Mozart was 14 his father took him to Italy for the first time. Leopold was conscious of the fact that opera houses in Italy were the most world renowned at that time. Leopold had a clear vision of his genius son’s success as an opera composer in Italian opera. After visits to Milan, Florence, Rome and Naples Mozart acquired his first opera commission “Mitridate, Re di Ponto” which led to further opera commissions.

Mozart/ Travelling to Italy


Mozarts were finally back to Salzburg in March 1773 after 15 successful months in Italy. Despite their extensive success in Italy, in Salzburg nobody were awaiting the young , confident composer.

After the death of the Prince Archbishop, Sigismund Schrattenbach, a new Prince Archbishop, Hieronymus Count Colloredo started to rule Salzburg. After his return Mozart was employed as the prince archiepiscopal concertmaster with the salary of 150 florins a year. Mozart gained this position after he had composed “Il Sogno di Scipione” for his ceremonial installation in the spring of 1772.

Although this income was not mean by the standards of the time, Mozart was open to outside world opportunities and was not keen to settle indefinitely in Salzburg. Trips to Vienna and Munich were the result of hoping to find a more spectacular appointment outside of Salzburg.